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D Series AC Servo

D Series Universal AC Servo SDD08NK8D

Series features

International leading control platform and algorithm

Matches a variety of incremental, line-saving encoders

Position speed and torque control functions, and can switch each other

Equipped with RS485 communication interface for multiple serial control

PLC. Built-in 4 point-to-point internal PLC function, eliminating PLC in repeated positioning

A variety of intelligent monitoring functions and operation panel for customer debugging and diagnosis

Can be matched with 0.1KW-7.5KW full range of servo motor, international motor standard

Input/output ports can be freely defined and have strong applicability

Full series CE certification


A variety of input and output signals and functions can be defined, built-in simple PLC functions and powerful RS485 communication functions. In the occasion of repeated positioning, PLC can be omitted, thus simplifying the control system and improving the stability of the entire electronic control system.

Suitable for the following occasions

Repeated positioning control occasions; occasions with multiple input and output requirements; Network Communication Applications

Mature application industry

Industrial robots, semiconductor equipment, engraving equipment, measuring instrument equipment, medical equipment, robots.

D Series Universal AC Servo SDD08NK8D

D Series Universal AC Servo SDD08NK8D

D Series Universal AC Servo SDD08NK8D

D Series Universal AC Servo SDD08NK8D

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